About us


Strip’s is an innovative privately owned company with a focus on development and manufacturing of customer-specific electronic solutions since 1995. Our expertise in the fields of electronics development and manufacturing, LED technology,  sensors, smart metering and connectivity devices makes us reliable and flexible EMS and ODM partner.

Strip’s Company was established in 1995. It is a fast growing company with above-average growth of business income. Our vertically integrated structure enables us to be a competitive, innovative and flexible partner in the European market.

During more than 20 years of work we have gained experience in the field of electronics, sensors and LED technology. Knowledge and experiences are put into our products, which provide the users with added value and increase quality.

We enter the business cooperation as OEM partner that also has its own development capacities including the laboratory for all necessary testing and measurements. Main product groups are ODM and EMS, solutions for white goods and household appliances, LED solutions, sensors, smart home solutions .

We strive to achieve a long-term and stable growth in the area of effective energy use and environmental protection by strengthening the development and research activity, increasing additional value per employee, preserving high flexibility and competitive position of the company. We are strengthening the cooperation in the field of LED industry and sensor technology constantly looking for new opportunities and increasing the number of strategic partners.


“Dear partners, dear friends,

A company is like a child, growing and evolving through harsh and advantageous circumstances only to realize that change is a constant. Yet, it is this very journey that empowered Strip’s to lead and sustain the industry 4.0 challenges.

Today, the Strip’s core competence areas: electronics, smart metering and LED technology are undergoing a transformative change. We are devoting our full strength and energy to viewing past, current and future successes through the prosperity we bring to all stakeholders. Not only enabling significant performance improvements for our partners, suppliers, users, employees and local community, but confidently streamlining the company towards controlled growth and sustainable development.

Strip’s has always been a purpose-driven company. Today, more than ever, we continue to embed these entrepreneurial, innovation and creativity cultures into the company’s DNA. We believe that no incremental change is good change unless it brings real, measurable improvements to the world we share and safeguard for our children.

Yours sincerely,”
Tomaž Smrkolj, Founder and General Manager



A leading European electronics development and manufacturing partner, helping our clients efficiently and sustainably build smarter products that empower and delight their users.


Our client’s success is at the heart of what we do. We devote all of our experience, expertise and capabilities towards creating products that help our clients succeed.

Our core engineering principles of innovation, dedication and out-of-the box thinking, paired with our operational excellence principles of speed, efficiency and sustainable development, ensure that projects are completed on-time, on-budget and with a high degree of mutual satisfaction.

We challenge ourselves every day to push the boundaries of known and possible further, as only continuous learning and growth can ensure our future relevance, and continue enabling everyone to thrive: our clients, our users, our suppliers, our employees, and our communities.

Our culture is supported and enriched by the diversity of our employees and their experiences. By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment, we nurture and maximize talent to the benefit of each individual and the company.

We continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve.

Our values:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Commitment
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork



Innovation, Partnership & People

  • We are creating and manufacturing innovative, energy efficient, sustainable products and service solutions through long-time partnerships.
  • Our products and solutions help our stakeholders predict, plan, manufacture, manage and co-create sustainable future.
  • We are empowered to create brand ambassadorship through engagement, teamwork, honesty and system of continuous improvements.
  • We build long-time partnerships that allow us to create and manufacture innovative, energy efficient, sustainable products and service solutions.
  • We exercise brand ambassadorship through engagement, diligence and honesty.
  • We innovate and develop solutions that help our stakeholders predict, plan, produce and manage a sustainable future.
  • We are continuously improving workplace conditions for a more content, healthier and productive workforce.
  • Aligning our working conditions with widely accepted industry standards and best practices gives us confidence in partnerships by providing greater transparency and trust.



Besides generating positive business results, we also ensure more prosperous, better quality and enjoyable life for Strip’s employees and people in our local environment. Our employees are in the first place, we also support the wider social community in Slovenia. We are also very committed to act responsibly towards the environment, which is evidenced by our policy of quality and environmental management.

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