Intelligendes Überwachungs- und Kommunikationssystem – IMCS


IMCS is a sophisticated multi-sensor measurement, data collection, analysis and alerting system. IMCS is extremely versatile due to its open and modular architecture, enabling a diverse set of
applications. It can equally well be used on the factory floor monitoring production line performance, in a greenhouse continuously monitoring environmental conditions and effecting measures
for ensuring optimal growth conditions, or for capacity monitoring within electrical distribution grid nodes.


IMCS core is the Concentrator Module, providing central data collection, management and control facilities. A number of different sensors and sensor systems can be used for data acquisition. These connect to appropriate IMCS plug-in modules, which in turn connect to, and are fully managed by the Concentrator Module. Sensor and plug-in selection and configuration is completely application-driven, providing utmost flexibility.

Operators can access acquired data, as well as the system configuration directly from the Concentrator Module using a web browser, or alternatively configure the system for automatic data feed to the cloud or upstream systems. Data measurement thresholds and alerting are fully configurable and support multiple alerting methods.


  • Highly customisable and easy to use
  • Responsive design for full cross-platform support (pc, mac, tablet and mobile)
  • Fully customizable look & feel
  • Can be accessed via intranet or internet (depending on configuration)
  • Raw sensor data can be downloaded for offline processing
  • Strong security and privacy features

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