STRIPRES®-Sensor zur Druckmessung in VIP

Stripres® Contactless, Batteryless Sensor for Pressure Measurement in Vacuum Insulation Panels

Due to the nature of the vacuum insulation panel (VIP) design and manufacturing process it is challenging to verify VIP quality both during and after production with regards to the vacuum level in the manufactured VIPs. Furthermore, it is even more challenging to monitor VIP vacuum level after installation, and over the lifecycle of a VIP. As VIP’s thermal isolation performance is directly correlated with VIP’s vacuum level, such monitoring is crucial for ongoing panel performance and quality evaluation.

To address these challenges we have developed a low-cost, contactless sensor Stripres® for measuring vacuum levels in VIPs, both during the manufacturing process and over the course of a VIP’s lifetime. Stripres® sensor is designed to be permanently installed into VIPs during panel production, and subsequently allows for vacuum measurement at any time and almost any place, thanks to contactless measurement process. To ensure longevity Stripres® sensor is batteryless and is powered using energy harvesting from the corresponding wireless reader device.

Stripres® sensor is designed for mass use across the broadest set of VIPs.

Our key development aims were:

  • Contactless sensor reading, allowing measurements to be performed both during VIP production, and afterwards during VIP application.
  • Batteryless operation, using energy harvesting from the wireless sensor reader device, allowing for long sensor service life, matching VIP lifetime.
  • Sufficient pressure measurement accuracy and lower range limit
  • Reasonable sensor cost to allow widespread sensor adoption in VIP production.

Find out more about VIP sensor in the product brochure.