Customised Sensor Solutions

Strip’s offers you the development and production of customized sensors according to your needs and application demands. We provide complete connectivity-ready sensor solutions for intelligent monitoring, data tracking and alerting in the most demanding industries. We guarantee top quality products, made with cutting edge technological procedures and equipment.

Our customised sensing hardware meets any customer requirement. Our sensors detect and measure all types of physical and electrical values, e.g. position, velocity, directional movement, temperature, humidity, illumination, sound, vibration, etc. Sensors can be “non-intelligent” or equipped with an embedded microcontroller, wired, wireless and battery-less. Furthermore, our customised sensors can be supplied with harvested energy. Wireless sensors allow you to remotely monitor various aspects of business over connected devices. Customized sensors are characterized with minimal power dissipation, low maintenance, and robust design. Sensors are adequately protected with appropriate housings. This makes our sensors compact, and gives them higher breakthrough solidity and a certain level of IP protection.

We have expertise in developing customised sensors for various applications: domestic appliances, fridge temperatures, plumbing, doors and windows, measuring, monitoring, lights, electrical use, IoT and connectivity.

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