Hall Effect Sensors

At Strip's we offer you the development and production of Hall effect sensors according to your wishes and application demands.

Hall effect sensors are devices that convert magnetic or magnetically encoded information into electrical signals, and have different applications, such as sensing position, velocity or directional movement. Hall effect sensors are a popular choice for electronics designers due to their non-contact and wear free operation, their low maintenance and robust design, and because they are immune to vibration, dust and water. We guarantee top quality products, made with cutting-edge technological procedures and equipment.

Hall effect sensors are adequately protected with appropriate housings and two component epoxy resins used to fill the electronic components. This makes our sensors more compact, and gives them higher breakthrough solidity and a certain level of IP protection.


  • Minimal power dissipation
  • High switching speed
  • Marked centre of sensitivity
  • Position sensing
  • Limit sensing
  • Speed measurement
  • Magnetic encoder


  • No-contact wear free operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust design
  • Immune to vibration, dust and water


  • Position switching
  • Velocity
  • Directional movement


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