Reed Sensors

In the fast growing industry of refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, freezers, etc., safety elements that detect the status of the appliance (open/closed door etc.) are required. This is the perfect job for REED sensors and switches. Strip’s offers the development and production of REED sensors according to your requirements and application demands. We guarantee top quality products, made with cutting-edge technological procedures and equipment.

A REED switch consists of two ferromagnetic LEADS in a hermetically sealed glass envelope. Switching occurs when the REED switch comes into the magnetic field. A REED sensor and magnet can be used in various applications due to the simple operation and structure. We can find REED switches in household appliances, medical devices, vehicles, safety and industrial systems. They can be used for switching, non-contact sensing, liquid level monitoring, counting and many other applications.

REED switches and sensors are adequately protected with appropriate housings and two component epoxy resins. This gives our switches and sensors higher breakthrough solidity and a certain level of IP protection.

What are the advantages of using REED switches?

  • They are hermetically sealed in a glass environment, and safe to use in harsh industrial and volatile environments.
  • Reed switches are passive and immune to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and do not require any external ESD protection circuits.
  • The isolation resistance between the contacts is as high as 1015 ohms, and contact resistance as low as 50 to 100 milliohms.
  • Reed switches can directly switch loads as low as a few micro-watts, without needing external amplification circuits, to as high as 120 W.


  • Sensing and detecting movement, proximity, metal and liquid levels, and flow measurement
  • No supply current needed
  • No-touch switching
  • Various connector systems and mounting options
  • Options of normally open, normally closed or change-over
  • Position and limit switch
  • Various cables and forms available
  • Hermetically sealed contacts
  • Wide sensitivity ranges
  • Optional PCB mounting
  • Optional integrated magnet


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Well suited for usage in high-moisture and contaminated environments
  • No-contact solution, aesthetically more appealing than push-button or lever mechanical-type switches
  • Ideal for battery-powered applications, as the contacts do not draw power when in non-activated state
  • Reed contacts last for millions of operating cycles under micro-controller voltage and current logic-level loads


  • Position and limit switching
  • Security
  • Level sensing
  • Linear actuators


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