Temperature Sensors

Strip’s develops a general purpose temperature sensor which combines high accuracy and rugged construction in a cost effective package.

The main element of a temperature sensor is a thermistor. Thermistors are highly sensitive and have extremely reproducible resistance vs. temperature properties. They are used in many other devices, such as temperature sensing and correction devices, as well as in specialty temperature sensing probes for commerce, science and industry.

Temperature sensor is ideally designed for use with data loggers and other standard controllers. It can be used to monitor air temperature and for sensing liquid levels. Its general purpose design makes it possible to use it as either a surface or an air temperature sensor. The design is well suited for applications where the cost is more critical than the response time. The moulded plastic housing is available in a wide range of diameters and lengths.

Custom configurations are available, and unique features can be moulded in for maximum flexibility. The design can accommodate a wide range of sensing elements and is rated for operation in temperatures from -40 °C up to 105 °C.



  • Excellent thermal response
  • High accuracy thermistor sensors
  • Also available in a variety of thermistor resistance values and R/T curves
  • Rugged construction and compact design – NTC thermistor is over-moulded in a plastic case
  • Various cables, colours and connection systems available upon request
  • Protected with over-moulding technology
  • Wide temperature scale of usage
  • High level of IP protection



  • General purpose temperature sensing
  • Ideal for cost critical applications (temperature measurement in household appliances)
  • Can be used for air or surface temperature sensing


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