Insightful industry expertise gives us the freedom and breads of mind in the ideation of products, services and solutions.

Our innovative intelligent solutions for various applications will help you increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Smart home Applications

Development of advanced turnkey solutions with user-friendly interfaces for connecting household appliances in a smart home.

Farming & Agriculture

Tailor-made automation solutions allowing green business owners to harvest more and better quality in less time, while using electricity in the most efficient way.

Smart grids & Submetering

Development of sophisticated novel measurement, data collection, alerting and analysis systems for energy management and control.

Power management

Intelligent monitoring, communication and control systems for smartly connected factories and industrial applications.

Automotive Electromobility

Full traceability system, advanced quality control and lean manufacturing to ensure highest standards in electronics development and manufacturing for automotive applications, charging stations, etc.

Industrial electronics

Comprehensive experience in electronics design and manufacturing, prototyping, product verification, volume production and logistics for unlocking new growth opportunities.

White goods and Household appliances

Highly efficient LED lighting solutions, sensors, touch interfaces and control systems for various big and small household appliances that improve customer experience.

Pump control

Patented idea of using a multi-sensor technology to improve energy efficiency of heating pumps for better energy rating.


Design and development for medical assistance and pharmaceutical application systems.


Development of energy-efficient lighting solutions for street, industrial and office applications.