Strip’s, with extensive knowledge in thermal management and mechanical design, produces LED lighting systems with custom design optic and power supply solutions since 2003.

We take your design concept, provide all of the electronic engineering, and deliver assembled LED systems on time. We arrange and coordinate all the necessary tests and approvals, and reduce our customer’s time to market using our in-house prototyping capabilities.

Strip’s invests in the development of energy-efficient lighting solutions for street, industrial and office applications, and it has been developing new energy efficient solutions for renowned OEMs from all industries and segments for more than 20 years.

LED modules and accessories

We design and manufacture LED modules, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, control modules (RF, motion detection) according to customer’s requests. We can also offer thermal management and optic design. Our annual purchase value of LEDs allows us to hold a competitive position in the market.

LED lighting solutions

We design, certify and manufacture different final LED products for customers. These include luminaries for street lighting, indoor & outdoor lighting, caravanning, farming and chemical industry.

Human Centric lighting

We dedicate our R&D resources to developing Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which balances visual, emotional and biological human needs with appropriate and precise lighting.

Find out more about our experience and the numerous applications:

  • Human centric lighting
  • Design and production of luminaires for street, industrial and office applications
  • RF & PLC smart control & management
  • Solar charging
  • Bluetooth connectivity and application development


Lighting used in farming can directly improve the quality of food, while reducing energy consumption and creating user-friendly working space. We developed a complete solution for controlling farm lighting for a renowned client.

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Due to different environmental and energy saving requirements in the market, increasingly more manufacturers are facing with a demand to use more energy and cost effective illumination in their appliances.

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