Smart home & Smart city

With the increasing presence of distributed electrical power production, e.g. home photovoltaic systems, as well as an increasing energy demand (e.g. due to electric vehicle charging), the need for continuous electrical power production and consumption monitoring has emerged. Our solutions provide at a glance view of home’s energy balance and trends, including consumption history at the appliance level, to further support sustainable, power-efficient living. A smart home always ensures that your vehicle is in optimal condition for travel: EV batteries are fully charged and the IC engine is warmed up when it is time to depart in the cold winter months.

Smart street lighting is one of the key aspects of a smart city. Smart street lights sense the environment and automatically adjust their operation to continuously provide optimal and safe conditions, as well as communicate and alert of any emerging dangerous conditions (e.g. a car detected traveling in the wrong direction).

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Electric cars are a reality and the future belongs to them. Petrol stations are being replaced by stations with electric chargers. As the charging time decreases, the charging current increases, which requires enhancing the security.

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