White goods & Household appliances

As a pre-development partner, we cooperate with renowned OEMs and develop electronics, LED solutions, sensors and connectivity technologies for household appliances, providing full turnkey solutions, design freedom, effective integrated solutions.

We are broadening our portfolio of electronics solutions and design capabilities to help white goods and household appliance manufacturers develop smart home appliances and design new models with more advanced features.

As a pre-development partner, we work with renowned OEMs and develop products that appeal to modern consumers. Our LED illumination, sensors, electronic controls and regulations, and user interfaces with touch controls can be found inside refrigerators, coffee machines, warming drawers, small kitchen appliances and electrical boilers of leading appliance manufacturers.

We offer design and engineering services (ODM and EMS), a global purchase network, PCB assembly, system assembly, production quality control and full traceability of products and materials, functional testing, prototype services, logistic services and more.

Our design engineers pursue cost-effective strategies to bring the latest electronics into high-end appliances for the most demanding consumers.

We advise appliance manufacturers how to economically incorporate electronic enhancements, LED lighting, sensors and connectivity technologies into household appliances, providing full turnkey solutions and effective integrated solutions that allow you freedom in design.

Trust us with upgrading your next generation of household appliances. Find out more about our experience and numerous applications:

To find out more about the advantages of solutions we developed for renowned OEMs, and how they can benefit manufacturers of white goods and household appliances, submit your details below, and a member of the Strip’s team will contact you to arrange a brief presentation.


Kitchen appliances require all sorts of sensors, e.g. for detecting temperature, water level, pressure, etc. We developed a sensor for detecting water level in kitchen appliances for a renowned client.

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Due to different environmental and energy saving requirements in the market, increasingly more manufacturers are facing with a demand to use more energy and cost effective illumination in their appliances.

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