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Bigger business premises for future growth

The need for more space has been apparent for some time, since the premises in which we have been operating since 2004 have become increasingly insufficient to support the expansion of the company’s activities and the rapidly growing number of employees. The main driving force behind the expansion was the increase in the capacity of development and research. To this end, we have built a new laboratory for the development and production of prototypes, sustainable testing, and a department for the development and production of testing devices. With new acquisitions, we have greatly increased our development capacities.

Status of extension in November 2017.

With the expansion of the company and the modernization of both premises and equipment, we introduced a number of other improvements. We also  invested in new technological equipment and technologies, through which we have acquired new customers from abroad. We improved the control over the state of storage areas (temperature and humidity of the rooms), and the increasing demand for electricity was ensured by the installation of our own transformer. It now provides us with sufficient electricity capacity and stable operation of production processes.

Since we are aware of the importance of efficient energy use, we have established a ground source central cooling and heating system, which ensures natural energy extraction. Efficient energy use is also implemented throughout the entire company with the use of smart lights, which contribute to greater efficiency and concentration of our employees and improve the quality of living. The lights were designed in our subsidiary LUMENIA, and they represent a unique example of light of this kind on the Slovenian market.

In Strip’s, we firmly believe that everything we have achieved so far is possible only with a strong support and good cooperation with both employees, suppliers and our clients. More than ever, we have put entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and creativity at the heart of our work. The extension project is just an additional contribution to a successful story, on the basis of which we have been working over twenty years. We are convinced that now we are well-dimensioned to support further growth, and we are confident and full of optimism for the future.

This October Strip’s get its final look.


A contemporary interior designed to provide our employees with modern and well-equipped workplaces.

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