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There was the fourth underground run called “Jamatlon” – after the Slovene word cave (jama) – in Zasavje this weekend. It was attended by 96 teams of 335 brave competitors from different parts of Slovenia and abroad (Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Rumania). 131 women and 204 men ran the length of the Zasavje coal pits in a six kilometres underground run. It was an adventurous challenge in the tunnels of the Trbovlje-Hrastnik Mine where the competitors had to overcome more than 15 obstacles connected with mining. Our Strip’s team also took part.

Jamatlon offers a unique experience and an insight into a once mighty mining industry in Zasavje. You experience the vast dimension of the mining pits and you become a part of it. The tunnel with various obstacles takes you back in time, you can feel the hard work of the miners firsthand, and so you start respecting it. There are many miners’ obstacles which can only be overcome with the help of the team. The help of a friend is needed when crawling under the obstacles, climbing over them, pushing the hunt (a mining wagon), wading a knee-high water, carrying heavy logs etc. Every time you meet a person in those deep and dark pits, you are more than happy to wish him GOOD LUCK!

The participants left the pits smiling and full of good impressions.

Thanks to the organizer for carrying out the event professionally, and to the Strip’s team for successfully representing our company.


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