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Strip’s was selected the second fastest-growing middle-sized company by the Manager magazine. Winning second place on this 101-strong list of the best mid-sized companies in the country shows that tradition and experience, combined with fresh energy, modern technology, and identification of business opportunities, are the keys to a great business success story.

“The growth of its sales contributed to the company’s second place among most successful middle-sized companies, however we would like to highlight the 21% return on investment among the numerous indicators,” wrote the Manager magazine.

Strip’s has been creating new solutions in electronic, LED and measurement technologies for companies and individuals since 1995. Its competitive edge in the European market is founded on the company’s in-house research, advanced technology, and lean production.

With over 100 employees, we are one of the biggest employers and one of the economic pillars of the Zasavje region. Our organizational culture and thinking are based on encouraging knowledge and our employees’ professional and personal ambitions, as well as on promoting partnership, collaboration, and inclusion. We are focused on what buyers and end users need, as well as on the constant development of technical solutions that can result in a sustainable future and people’s wellbeing.

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