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Strip’s was conferred the ITM Exporter of 2016 award on Tuesday at a ceremony held to mark the closing of the ninth edition of the International Trade Management (ITM) program. The jury noted that “Strip’s is an export-oriented company, focused on innovation and continuous product development.” The ITM program is organized under the auspices of SPIRIT Slovenia – Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology.

“The company’s financial, export, and development indicators are objective proof of its stable and above-average growth of revenue, assets, and capital. This is a fast growing company with high return on investment that is continually creating new jobs as already one of the biggest employers in the Zasavje region. It creates high added value, almost 35% above the Slovenian average, and exports 70% of its electronic products, and multi sensor and LED solutions. Strip’s competitive edge in the international market is founded on the company’s in-house research, contemporary and advanced technology, and lean production. It is focused on what buyers and end users need, as well as on the constant development of technical solutions.

When operating in international markets Strip’s highly values its relationships with its long-time partners. It is also continuously seeking new long-term partnerships, and exploring the startup environment in Slovenia and Europe for compatible partners that it can offer support to. The company also has clearly defined goals and is planning to further increase its revenue through 2020, primarily by offering new products and solutions, and by entering new foreign markets. Strip’s is further maintaining a high scope of its international business and guaranteeing its proactive presence in international markets by investing in new products and solutions and expanding to new markets in different ways.”

Tuesday’s event emphasised how important it is when building a successful business to know your customers and their needs, and then to exceed their expectations. Strip’s is more than aware of this fact, and its strategies are based on increasing the exports of its electronic products, LED solutions, and advanced measuring products. The ITM Exporter of 2016 award is recognition of our strategy and our commitment to finding and exploring new opportunities.

The ITM Exporter of 2016 award is a great recognition of our hard work, and everyone’s efforts to develop our company. We are focused primarily on development, and 20% of our employees work directly in development, which serves to show that we invest heavily in know-how,” Strip’s Business Manager Vlado Veljkovič told STA.

Strip’s management would like to thank all of you for our success. We have once again shown that we are on the right track and that we continue to follow the company’s goals and vision.

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