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Ensuring consistent ROI and quality with every cup

Coffee bar owners and managers constantly face several circumstances that can affect the profitability of their business. Similarly, coffee bean suppliers and producers face their own set of challenges, such as ensuring bean exclusivity and proper espresso machine maintenance, which can substantially affect coffee quality and, consequently, perception of their brand, as well as their revenue.

Strip’s is developing an IoT espresso machine telemetry module with a cloud analytics and management portal. Using Coffee Cloud solution, users can track various coffee brew and machine maintenance metrics in real time on any internet-connected device and gain actionable insight they can immediately use to improve their bottom line.

Coffee Cloud solution enables real-time monitoring of:

  • Coffee consumption stats
  • Coffee quality stats
  • Machine cleaning and maintenance stats
  • Coffee beans stock tracking and exclusivity monitoring
  • Service interruptions

The Coffee Cloud IoT module can be fitted into any professional espresso coffee machine in the world. The installation process only takes 20 min and can be easily performed during a scheduled service visit.

Key benefits of the Coffee Cloud solution:

  • Ensuring coffee quality

Coffee quality detection tool provides users with relevant data on the quality of each cup of coffee. If poor quality is detected, users can act by checking for optimal machine and grinder settings, or by providing their baristas with additional training.

  • Bean exclusivity

Precisely tracking coffee production and coffee bean stock enables rapid detection if non-genuine beans are being used.

  • 20% revenue Increase

Precise coffee cup counting prevents employees from under-reporting revenues. Coffee Cloud clients report 20% average revenue increase.

  • Machine cleaning stats

Users have up to date access to machine cleaning data and statistics, including data on the quality of the machine cleaning process. Only properly cleaned and maintained machines enables best coffee quality.

  • Realtime monitoring

Live 24/7 coffee quality and quantity tracking, with coffee stock and revenue status. Daily/weekly email reports.

As part of developing the Coffee Cloud IoT espresso machine telemetry module, Strip’s is also developing a specialised, custom sensor used for tracking the espresso machine operation.

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