Perfect illumination for that final touch

Client, a leading provider of forest and gardening outdoor power tools, contacted us with a project idea of needing EMS services for LED illumination of a robotic lawn mower. Their wish was to optimize the production costs of the product.

After initial analysis of the existing product we identified and proposed a number of possibilities for optimization. Our ideas were accepted by the client who entrusted us the complete redesign of the product, which consists of LEDs assembled in a housing with a cable.


  • Our vast expertise in optics enabled us to design a housing with a better dispersion of the light and thus create a more homogeneous illumination.
  • Together with the customer we chose a new material for plastic housing with a different colour, which also helps with the light dispersion and makes the final product more visually attractive, as the colour of the housing coincides with the colour of the entire device.
  • A different potting material was used, which is softer and therefore provides a better IP protection as it moves along with the cables (water or dirt cannot reach inside of the housing)


Key client benefits:

  • Optimization of production costs
  • More homogeneous LED illumination
  • Ensured IP protection
  • More visually attractive product



Product was designed within 6 months, within expected time frame.

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