Lighting Smart energy

Improving illumination in professional cooling appliances

Due to different environmental and energy saving requirements in the market, increasingly more manufacturers are facing with a demand to use more energy and cost effective illumination in their appliances. Today this is most frequently solved by using LED technology.

As they are switching from classical neon lights to modern LED illumination, many manufacturers face the challenge of finding new appropriate solutions. We realized that numerous solutions available in the market have one particular technical disadvantage, often caused by the LED technology – visible LED spots reflecting on the mechanical parts of appliances and/or displayed goods. This is also disturbing for customers.

Owing to its extensive skills in electronics, LED technology and engineering, Strip’s can offer tailor made solutions to every customer. Our solutions include very homogenous illumination without visible LED spots, resulting in no reflection on the goods or customer. If clients want to retain direct AC powering, Strip’s can provide direct on-board powering solutions.

Switching to LED technology not only reduces the cost of electricity, but also brings other key benefits, such as higher CRI, better optics, system modularity, etc. Furthermore, the elegant and thin design of LED tubes allows them to be hidden under the shelves, which was not possible with neon lights.

Strip’s can meet most of customers’ demands by offering a wide range of possibilities (length, CCT, CRI, etc.) for cooling appliances lighting.

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