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We are strengthening the cooperation in the field of LED industry and sensor technology.

masetec GmbH – Germany

With direct access to a great number of manufacturers – spread around the world – we are sure having the right partner or service for every customer and any application and therefore being able to offer the needed product.

Today´s time with the fast moving product durability and continuously new developments which need to be realized within a always shorter time to keep up with the pace of the market development you need a flexible 1 stop solution partner. A point of contact for a wide variety of products and services will help you to have the right product and right partner at the right time.

Just because your existing Supplier does not carry a specified product in his range does not mean it is not already available on the market. Save your time and efforts to re-invent the wheel and mainly save tooling and development costs in lots of cases. Just tell us what you need and we do the rest.
So do not only trust on the foundation date of a company but the people behind.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities and increasing the number of strategic partners.

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