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We have leading competence in the field of connected devices. Our skilled and experienced engineers will design the latest connectivity hardware according to either your specifications or standard specifications. We develop consumer oriented Mobile App, Android and iOS ready and supports the connected device.


A mobile app  meets potential user needs, has  attractive, easy to use and user friendly design. Furthermore, the navigation is short, any command or page is only one or two clicks away. Besides, it offers the attractiveness to ensure continuous use over the time.

A mobile app supports any kind of connected appliances, consequently includes any available technology and follows the modern life style. With such approach, it is already a part of an ecosystem, additionally consists a wireless network, cloud services and internet (IoT).

An operating system of the mobile phone or tablet determines the mobile app development. In case an app development is done using a native environment, an app can run using this particular environment only, like Android, iOS, Mobile Windows or Blackberry. There is possibility to use the XML5 development environment instead, who enables a mobile app to running at any mobile device, even the personal computer. Such approach voids operating systems boundaries, unfortunately it decreases the graphics resolution sharpness, symbol and text scaling, touch control resolution and its accuracy.


  • Central data collection
  • Data capturing, collection and analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis and alarm system
  • Batteryless
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable and intuitive GUI
  • Energy harvesting

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